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tre Tips - Why Do I Need an Interior Designer?

Everyone, this is a good one! Help us spread the word as to why it's important to hire an Interior Designer. Tell all of your friends, your parents, your brothers and sisters! Hell, tell your neighbor next door (socially distant of course). This blog post is something we are very passionate about, not just because it's our personal career, but because we are passionate about fellow interior designers and the industry as a whole!

With the internet at our fingertips 24/7 you can find just about everything and anything you need! With Pinterest and Instagram as hot spots for design inspiration, it has made it extremely easy to scroll for hours at aesthetically pleasing interior shots, decor details, and more! So if it is so easy to find an appealing photo as inspiration then why is it so important to hire an interior designer?

Before we dive in, let's take a step back and share the differences between an interior decorator and an interior designer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either - but one of the main differences is... an interior decorator's main function and responsibility is furnishing an interior space. While, an interior designer is a licensed professional (you can't have a license without a degree) and one that has the ability and knowledge to work directly with architects to create construction drawings for building purposes.

Okay, back to it! It's easy to find that design inspiration on the internet. We know, because like you, we also understand how to utilize those Facebook sleuthing skills we learned way back in college to find all the details on your ex’s new love interest! We fully grasp that the internet is a black hole and by the time you submerge you feel like an expert and as if you may know everything there is to know. The internet has you fooled people!

Most of those influencers that we love so much... Yes, we are guilty of obsessing over them too! You know, the ones that are posting those styled interior shots? It's more likely than not that interior design is a new interest or a hobby but they don't have the in-depth knowledge an interior designer has. They fail to take into account so many things a seasoned professional would and has been trained to do.

We see it all the time - area rugs that look great but are way too small for the space, coffee tables that are out of proportion with the sofa, island pendants being hung at the wrong heights, finishes being used in the wrong applications, space planning issues, circulation problems... the list can go on and on!

It’s like trying to peel a boiled egg. Yes, bear with us... I could stand at my sink and peel one egg after another time and time again. Sometimes the eggs may come out sloppy and sometimes they may be close to perfect. And maybe if I'm lucky I'll have three out of a dozen that turn out half way decent. The imperfectly peeled hard boiled eggs are still edible but you wouldn’t want to serve them at a fancy brunch! You'd much rather buy the pre-cooked eggs at the store knowing that the professionals have done it perfectly and they will taste just as great as they look, every time!

Would you really take on an electrical or plumbing project after you googled several "how to" videos? You may, especially if you are feeling lucky! But nine times out of ten you'll probably have to call a professional. So why not call in a professional for interior design?! Someone who will assess your home and needs, work through your compiled inspiration photos, and provide you with in-depth insights and experience to make your home something to be proud of, that will stand the test of time, and will catch everyone's eye!

Thank you for supporting tre Designs and our industry,

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