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Do you want to update your home and may not know where to begin?  We have you covered with some FREE downloads! Our collection of free PDF content will help kick start your next project while fueling your creativity. These quick cheat sheets will help make your next project easier while elevating your home!

We have three design schemes to kick start any project on your to do list. Each palette was designed to have their own personality, style, and finishes inspired by famous architects and designers to help get your creativity flowing! You will find the following selections included in each palette: paint, fabrics, hardware, stone, metal finishes and much more!   



The Elsie Palette was inspired by Elsie de Wolfe, who is best known as, America's first interior decorator. In honor of celebrating women and their success within the design industry, this palette is an elegant feminine one! Swap out the pink for any color and this palette has instantly transformed from a serene feminine vibe to having that unisex appeal! 

tre designs llc the elsie palette free download
tre designs llc the florence palette free download


The Florence Palette was inspired by Florence Knoll, who is best known as, a pioneering American woman architect, interior designer, furniture designer, and entrepreneur. She was ahead of her time! This palette is a clean and modern one inspired by the iconic furniture from the company she founded, that we all know and love today, Knoll, Inc. Whose headquarters are located in Pennsylvania!


This palette was inspired by Canadian born, American architect and designer Frank Gehry. This palette celebrates his modern deconstructive style and perspective with concrete and metal finishes. We paired these finishes with blue hues, woven textures, and earth tones to create balance and depth.

tre designs llc the elsie gehry free download


Our PDF accent wall downloads are simple reference guides to help you begin your next DIY project or quickly hand off to your contractor! Our pre-designed millwork drawings come equipped with dimensions, annotations and material estimates. These eye-catching wall designs are sure to make a statement in your home! The Adeline is a classic addition to your dining room, study, bedroom, or even nursery. The Baylee may look complicated but with our guide we've got you covered! This drawing will compliment your bedroom, family room, or dining room. The Callen is a fun and playful addition to any kids room, playroom, or tv room!  

tre designs llc adeline accent wall free download
tre designs llc baylee accent wall free download
tre designs llc callen accent wall free download

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