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tre Tips - How To Mix Metals

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Knowing how to mix metals can feel overwhelming... You may find yourself pondering, "how many different metals can I used in one room?" or "do these finishes go together?" and finally, "where do I even begin if I want to mix metals in my space?!" tre Designs has you covered! Like we have said before, there are ALWAYS exceptions to every rule, but we have shared some guidelines that should keep you on the right track for when it comes to mixing and matching metals!



  • Regardless of how many metals you are working with keep the finish the same - satin with satin and polished with polished, etc...


  • All of your kitchen appliances typically should be the same metal finish. Unless you have a La Cornue oven (those will successfully do the work of mixing metals for you!). If you want to add another metal in your kitchen design we find it easiest to change your kitchen faucet, cabinet hardware, and pendants to another finish. This way the metals will feel balanced and will look purposefully designed.


  • All plumbing fixtures and bath accessories should be one finish (i.e. black) and all non-plumbing fixtures like lighting, decorative mirrors, and cabinet hardware another finish (i.e. brass). There are many other successful variations on this combination but this is a simple solution that will never disappoint.

Cover photo of Kohler Purist Collection.

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