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tre Tips - Choosing The Right Size Area Rug

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

For the vast majority it isn’t always an option to select and have a custom sized area rug made for your living room, dining room, or even bedroom. Let’s be honest there are a ton of factors when determining the appropriate area rug size. Just to name a few, the size and shape of the room, the furniture layout, and how you intend to use the space. So when we have standard rug sizes to select from we have a couple of general interior design rules to follow that we think will come in handy...

  • All Sizes Welcome: No matter the size of the area rug it should evenly frame the furniture layout in the room. Think of it from above, from a bird’s-eye view, if the rug frames the furniture in the space.

  • Two Legs are Better Than One: When choosing the right size area rug try to remember that at least two legs of each piece of furniture should be touching the rug at all times.

  • Circulation is the Best Motion: When choosing the right size area rug it’s best to leave the foot traffic for your wood or tiled floors. If it’s possible keep the circulation (the most common path of travel from one spot to the other) off of the rug. This helps create a natural flow through your room and connection to other rooms throughout your home. This will also help prevent continued wear and tear on your new area rug!

Sometimes not all of these rules will apply but if you have the ability to adhere to at least the first two, then you are in business!

Hope you check back in for more helpful interior design tips and tricks,


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