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Tre Designs - Our Favorite Things

Happy Friday y'all!! It has been a long time, but we are back with tre Designs' Friday Finds! This week we wanted to give you a sense of our own personal styles and to learn how we select our favorite accessories...


When designing Courtney's home she always finds inspiration from her geographical location. Being born in New York and currently residing in Houston, her home draws a lot of inspiration from the two. The foundation of the home is monochromic with neutral patterns, but when it comes to art and accessories thats were she loves to add bold color! Courtney's family sure loves to snuggle, so they always have plenty of blankets on hand! Another iconic staple for Courtney is an iced coffee, and its always a bonus when your glasses go with the rest of your decor! Check out three of her recent finds...

In Sarah's home you'll find plenty of natural tones, textures and lots of greenery. Sarah is drawn to items that are natural and sophisticated while at the same time keeping things fun and kid friendly. You'll always find several poufs in her home. They provide extra seating when needed and kids love them! The decor throughout Sarah's home has that one of a kind feel; like a unique piece of pottery or artwork found in a little shop while traveling. Similar to many other moms Sarah can not finish her day without unwinding with a glass of wine and a TV show (her latest obsession is Ted Lasso). Check out three of her recent finds...

We hope you check back for more of our Friday Finds!

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