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Friday Finds - Coffee Table Books

Updated: May 9, 2023

Happy Friday y'all! tre Designs is back with a Friday Finds - Coffee Table Edition! We wanted to share some of our favorite books that we suggest to our clients. We went ahead and created some pairings just for you! We've included all the links for these books on Amazon so you can check them out but we suggest searching for these gems at your local bookstore - let's try to shop small ladies and gents!

Here are a few of our favorites...


For our clients who have a passion for throwing the best cocktail parties or casual get togethers...


For our clients who love to travel the world! You may even use one of these books to help decide on your next adventure!


For our clients who have a green thumb and love plants of all kinds!


For our clients who live in the city and have a passion for innovative design...


For our clients who enjoy spending their time in a serene and monochromatic environment...

We hope you check back in for more of our Friday Finds!

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