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tre Tips - 5 Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen

Are you sick of your kitchen?! If so, tre Designs created a list of our top 5 easiest ways to update your kitchen. If you do one or all five, we promise you will feel refreshed and excited with your new kitchen!

1. Update the Cabinets

One of the most dramatic changes you can do to your kitchen is to update the color of your cabinets. If you are hesitant of a big change or if you have a strict budget you do not need to change all the cabinets. You can change either the perimeter upper cabinets, the perimeter lower cabinets, or your central island cabinets. If your kitchen layout allows, you may have a set of cabinets off to one side (like a small wet bar area) that can make a fun statement with a contrasting color!

2. Update the Cabinet Hardware

Adding new hardware can make a big impact in your kitchen. We think it's fun to mix metals, so our rule of thumb is that your hardware should match one of the following: your kitchen faucet, your island pendants, or your appliances. Our limit for mixing metals is typically two per kitchen, but there are always ways to break the rules if you are up for the challenge (we always are!).

3. Add an Architectural Element

If you're budget allows and you are able to reconfigure your kitchen cabinet layout we find that adding an architectural element of sorts will make your kitchen more visually interesting. We love adding open shelves, a banquette (window seat), a custom wood (or metal) hood, or even a custom wet bar! These additions can be as simple or as detailed as you'd like. Regardless of the design these modifications will create visual interest and give your kitchen the new look you've been craving!

4. Update the Accessories

Buying new accessories for your kitchen is an easy solution and won't break the bank! Always keep in mind the scale of your objects when styling your new accessories. Try adding decorative fruit bowls, a cook book holder, or a new cutting board. You'll be surprised with how far a couple of accent pieces will go.

5. Swap Out the Barstools

Changing the style of your barstools can help you transform your kitchen. You can use your barstools as a quick solution to add a pop of color if your kitchen is feeling a little boring and drab!

We hope you check back in for more tips and tricks!

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