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tre Designs Presents - The Urban Villa's Game Floor

Updated: 5 days ago

tre Designs would like to introduce you to the Game Floor of the Urban Villa. This floor serves as a flexible space for our client's family; a game floor that has a guest suite, coffee/snack bar, game table and lounge area.

tre designs urban villa game floor

tre Designs had a lot of fun working with this family! For this project, our client had a serious love for bold colors, so we brought in all the color! For this open space we added and designed a coffee/snack bar for visiting guests or for the family when they are using this area for game night. This high contrast wallpaper was a must! It gives the space so much character.

tre designs urban villa game floor coffee bar

If you'd like to see more of this renovation be sure to check out our project page.

Shop The Urban Villa ...

  1. Floral Arrangement - Small Boston Fern

  2. Milk Container - Glass Milk Carton

  3. Knot Pillow - Soft Knot Ball Pillow

  4. Throw Blanket - Blue Knit Chenille Throw

Thanks for stopping by,

tre designs c + s

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