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tre Designs Presents - The New Home - Primary Bedroom

tre Designs would like to formally introduce you to The New Home's Primary Bedroom. Anytime we are designing a bedroom we strive to create a serene and calming environment to help promote relaxation and to help reset your body's nervous system! And we can't lie, we think we nailed this one!

tre designs the new home primary bedroom design

Our client purchase this fantastic bench from Arhaus and we were instantly inspired! We are big fans of using natural woods in any room, but especially your bedroom to help ground your body and physical environment to the natural world. You'd be surprised with just a few touches of natural materials (wood, wool, leather, or ceramics) can completely transform the feel of a room!

tre designs the new home primary bedroom design

We are very please with how the mix of different textiles and materials came together to create such a calming space for our client to rest their head.

tre designs the new home primary bedroom design

And of course a bedroom isn't complete without a little glam! The full size mirror and the eye-catching light fixture do not disappoint!

If you'd like to see more of this design be sure to check out our project page. You can also shop this projects Great Room, Kitchen and Mudroom. Also, check out our instagram page for more design tips and photos @tredesignsllc.

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