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Friday Finds - Throw Blankets

Happy Friday y'all!! We are back with our second round of Friday finds with an item that everyone loves and always winds up having more then they need -- COZY THROW BLANKETS.


Here are a few of our favorite throw blankets...

These super soft and cozy faux fur ruched throw blankets from Pottery Barn come in an assortment of colors and two sizes. You can't go wrong with this blanket. You will want to snuggle up and watch Netflix for hours with this one!

Do you want one of those blankets you see all over instagram? Well, Pottery Barn has a new Colossal Handknit Throw that we are swooning over. They offer this blanket in 6 colorways, and they even have a red or navy for the holiday season!

Don't want to break the bank with a cable knit throw? Target has a great selection of affordable throw blankets that you can swap out at any time.

Here is Sarah's personal favorite "go to blanket" for enjoying a night in watching movies with her husband and little one. This Crate & Barrel throw is unbelievably soft, you'll be lucky if you can make it through a tv show or movie without falling asleep!

Courtney's pick is a family favorite. She is big on texture and loves a blanket with a textured weave. Her family usually enjoys most nights snuggled up in their family room. This Hearth & Hand with Magnolia blanket found at Target will be a perfect fit for your family cuddles!

We hope you check back for more of our Friday Finds!

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