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tre Designs is an Interior Design Studio which offers design services only. Our virtual interior design services are non-refundable and do not include revisions of any kind. tre Designs does not sell or supply furniture, furnishings or accessories (collectively “Merchandise"). This means that if you decide to purchase any Merchandise based on our suggestions, then all of your connections shall be between you and that particular vendor and that you expressly agree that tre Designs will not be responsible for any issues relating to Merchandise, including but not limited to manufacturing imperfections, mislabeled dimensions, damages, shipping problems, late deliveries, out-of-stock items or vendor price changes. 

All measurements should be verified by the customer prior to purchasing a product. 

All vendor prices, lead times, color swatches and availability are approximate and may vary. 

Vendors do change their pricing from time to time and therefore prices provided by tre Designs are not guaranteed. 

Any Merchandise purchased may be subject to Sales Tax and Shipping charges. 

tre Designs is not responsible for inadvertent mid-measurements of suggested furnishings. Similarly, tre Designs is not responsible for confirming that suggested Merchandise will fit through your doorways, hallways, stairways or elevators. All sketches and/or floor plans prepared by tre Designs are: (i) not to scale and based on dimensions and other information provided by you; and (ii) are intended for design purposes only; and (iii) cannot be used for construction. 

If you believe that renovation/construction is (or may be) necessary, tre Designs can offer you the option to hire our firm for full service interior design needs, where consultation will be provided prior to undertaking any such activity. 

tre Designs recommends that you always test paint colors on your walls prior to painting and that you look at the sample colors at different times of the day and under natural and artificial lighting. tre Designs also recommends obtaining any hard surface and fabric samples prior to purchasing. 


tre Designs shall retain ownership of the design, including any drawings, renderings, sketches, samples, or other materials prepared by us during the course of the Project. Our ownership shall include any copyrights, trademarks, patents, or other proprietary rights existing in the design. You shall not use the design for additions to this Project or for any other project without obtaining our permission and paying appropriate compensation.


tre Designs shall have the right to use the provided design in the form of a portfolio, brochure, public display, and similar publicity purposes. The location of the Project may be used in connection with the documentation. In addition, if you document the Project, we shall be given credit as the designer for the Project if your documentation is released to the public.

tre Designs' total liability to each Customer in regards to any claims arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions or the services performed will not, for any reason, exceed the total amount of fees actually paid by said Customer to tre Designs. 

tre Designs will not be responsible for any consequential or punitive damages and no action for breach of these Terms and Conditions may be brought more than one year after completion of services by tre Designs. 

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