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tre Tips - 5 Accessories for Your Bath

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

We have listed tre Designs top go to accessories you do not want to forget in your bathroom space. These 5 items can help your space become more functional as well ad being aesthetically pleasing.

  • "What the HOOK?" - There is nothing like stepping out of the shower and having your towel (preferably right out of the dryer) hung perfectly right within reach! When we have the option we will always select a double robe hook because you have the versatility of hanging two items and it's more efficient for your towel to dry draped over both hooks.

  • "Put a TRAY on it" - Trays for jewelry, cosmetics, hand towels, soap dispenser... you name it; a tray is the perfect catch-all to keep your items organized and looking sleek! Who wants to loose their ring down the drain while taking out their contacts? Not us!

  • "It's GREEN time" - Fresh cut Eucalyptus can go a long way! Either drop some in your favorite vase or hang some over your shower head and your bathroom will quickly transform into a relaxing spa-like retreat! Forget those messy essential oils, and try out the real thing!

  • "Have a SEAT!" - Whether you have a shower or a bath, it doesn't matter! Having a stool is a great accent and functional for a quick place to take a seat to take your socks off or to place that glass of wine while enjoying a bubble bath!

  • "What's the TISSUE?" - Tissues are a must for any bath or powder room. Whether its to wipe your makeup or for a runny nose no-one wants to see that generic tissue box with all of those silly flowers and swirls. Sometimes we even opt for a simple white tissue box cover; it will go with everything! Voila!

We hope you keep these in mind on your next shopping trip!

Thanks for stopping by,

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